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Fringe Family Day is a mind-expanding experience for the kids at School of Rock

School of Rock is thrilled to participate in the St Lou Fringe Festival Family Day again this year! We're fortunate to enjoy a thriving community of music students and teachers at our schools, located in Ballwin and Kirkwood, and this event is a unique opportunity to engage with the broader arts community in the St Louis area.

It’s always fun for our students to see new areas of the arts brought to life, and the St Louis Area has so much to offer that our families don’t get to see every day. Each new encounter in the arts opens avenues of exploration and inspiration that can inform our students’ practice of music and enrich them as people.

It’s also often the intersection of previously unrelated ideas that can lead to exciting new forms of creative expression. St Lou Fringe, with its emphasis on representing a wide variety of voices and providing a performance platform for artists in multiple mediums, provides a great opportunity for our community to participate in that diversity.

School of Rock programs focus on teaching music through performance. We foster a love of music within our students, and build broader musical concepts and motivate the development of technique on top of that foundation. We feel that our mission aligns well with St Lou Fringe’s and we’re always excited to expose ourselves, and the budding young artists we teach, to art in multiple forms. The fact that Fringe has created an art-immersive day specifically for families is inspiring. And, with so much to see and do, it’s also fun and exciting – which perfectly aligns with the principles and philosophy at School of Rock.

We’re always proud of what our students achieve in their performances on stage, and we’re excited to show the folks attending the St Lou Fringe Festival what our talented kiddos can do! We hope you enjoy the performance by School of Rock, and take a minute to stop into one of our schools some time soon.

JORDAN HEIMBURGER, Fringe Artist: The music director at School of Rock is a returning participant at Fringe Family Day, and he loves introducing his students to different types of art as much as watching them perform for new audiences. Through music education and encouragement, Jordan works to inspire kids and build confidence.

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