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What Is Fringe?


    No one gets too fussy about swears or nudity but squeaky-clean content isn’t marginal or discouraged, either


    Quite open to participation by the gamut of amateurs to professionals


    St Lou Fringe is a six day event that involves a couple of thousand people at multiple venues throughout Grand Center & beyond


    Fringe features an array of original material—meant to celebrate all of the arts


    Tech is minimal and time is a factor at our festivals. Shows are often kept brief (Fringes most frequently have shows right around 60 minutes in length) and technical requirements kept simple (minor sets, streamlined cues, nothing elaborate)

Fringe Artist talking on a phone

"It all started

in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland,

as an alternative festival that played concurrently with the Edinburgh International Festival. In 1948, Robert Kemp, a local journalist, gave it the name Fringe: “Round the fringe of official Festival drama, there seems to be more private enterprise than before…” 

United States Association of Fringe Festivals

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