• Granny's FixIt: An Ozark Guide to Healing the Body and Soul
    A New Work by Dr. Dawn Larsen Directed by Keith Best A granny woman’s Ozark guide to healing featuring songs, images, and spoken word.
  • Triple Bypass: 3 Ten Minute Plays About Living for Death and Dying for Life
    Written by Deena MP Ronayne Hardly Working Promotions Consisting of 3 short plays, we take the audience on a journey of emotions ranging from fear & hate to delight & joy. This video production is fully staged, and it is also available in a captioned version for the hearing impaired.
  • Dear Donald/Dear Hillary (Their Secret Correspondence)
    By Sally Vahle What if Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton were assigned to be pen pals as second-graders? Buckle up….it’s a ride!
  • Alexithymia
    By Madison Weinhoffer A journey of Friend, a lost being who cannot understand their emotions, which has caused their bodies to fragment, and they need help.
  • MacBeth
    By William Shakespeare Director Marc Devine and Theatre NDSU NDSU's Macbeth blends shadow puppetry, object theatre, and Shakespeare, to create a site-specific, pre-recorded Zoom Theatre Experience.
  • Where is Elsewhere?
    A New short film by Elise Partain and Jillienne Leigh Glodowski, St. Lou Fringe 2020 Innovative Artist of the Year. This new work is a slice of life from the perspective of neurodiverse artists.