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I k(NO)w

presented by Showgirl Awakening

Kranzberg Arts Center Studio Theater

8/15/2019 @ 7:30pm
8/17/2019 @ 1:00pm
8/18/2019 @ 6:00pm/15/2019 @ 7:30pm

How do we know when we can't "no"? Knocked flat repeatedly by ulcerative colitis, veteran showgirl Kellita comes to know herself through burlesque, and “NO’s” herself into autoimmune recovery. She leaves her clothes on and lays her heart bare in this warm telling of her unsettling partnership with her own powerful, eloquent, recalcitrant body. Finding unexpected revelations in an airplane potty, a New Orleans nightclub, and in a spacious room at SF General - sipping coconut water - Kellita begs the question of her audience: in what ways do we force ourselves to digest the indigestible?  And what happens when we stop? With two decades of international burlesque performance under her shimmy belt, this is Kellita’s first full-length autobiographical-storytelling show. “I K(noW” focuses on mental, emotional and physical health in a way that’s not just a storytelling device but also an interactive learning platform.


* "I K(no)W" is not a burlesque show *


What genre is it?


Think intimate-chat-with-a-friend meets TED Talk meets secure attachment and autoimmume recovery lab.

What they're saying about "I K(no)W" in San Francisco: "There are shows that are engaging or entertaining. There are shows that you talk about right after you see them but don’t ever think about again. And then there are shows that start you thinking of everyone you can send to see the show. Kellita engaged my heart, soul, gut and brain.  I K(no)W is a soul baring show."


St Lou Fringe Lottery Series

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