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All Photos by Robert Crowe

more photos to come soon...

Opening Party Same Difference.jpg

Opening Night Party 

City Corner with Romance & Race Cars

The Cruxory Group's 

2018 St Lou Fringe National Headline Act

Race Cars and Romance

The Gringo 1.jpg
As We Stumble Along.jpg

The Depths

by Clayton Smith

#Me Too 1 copy.jpg

because why not? theatre company

'Til the Cold Winter's Through

by Shannon Geier and River A. Dowdy


St Lou Fringe

Producing Artists

 The Grandel Theatre

Ralph Meitzler, Executive Producer & The Cruxory Group proudly present

RACECARS & Romance

A Musical Comedy  at the Oil Change

St Lou Fringe National Headline Act

The Gringo

A New Musical           

By Colin Healy                                                 St Lou Fringe Local Headline Act

As We Stumble Along

St Lou Fringe Late Night Headline Act

Kranzberg BlackBox Theatre

Bankside Repertory Theatre

Rogue Theatre Company


Matt Marcum / Unconventional Empire


Tesseract Theatre Company

Debut Theatre Company

The Midnight Company

Montra Performance

Duet Gallery

Clayton Smith

Until You Walk In Her Shoes, Inc.

On A Wing & A Prayer

because why not? theatre company

Tony Marr, Jr.

Kranzberg Studio Theatre

Sandy & Richard Riccardi, Cabaret

Dawn Larsen  Music

Declaration Theatre Company

MillHill Productions

Spooky Scary Productions

Whale of the People

Krish Mohan Comedy


Kranzberg Visual Arts Incubator 

Mark Regester                      St Lou Fringe Visual Artist 

STLFringe Marketplace 


ARTICA at the Fringe




On a Wing & a Prayer Productions

Tall Tale Camp Tale

Pain 1 copy.jpg

Tony Marr, Jr.


The Devil's Passion 5.jpg

The Rogue Theatre

The Bothered

Matthew Marcum 1.jpg

Matthew Marcum
Pollock: A Frequency Parable 

Tesseract Theatre Company


by Taylor Gruenloh


Debut Theatre Company

Broadway Favorites

The Midnight Company

Now Playing Third Base for the St. Louis Cardinals... Bond, James Bond

by Joe Hanrahan

Aphrodite's Refugees 1.jpg

Montra Performance
Aphrodite's Refugees

sandi and richard riccardi.jpg

Sandy & Richard Riccardi
Political Snarkasm

Dawn Larsen The Vicious Hillbilly 1.jpg

Spooky Scary Productions

Grim Tales, Horrific Vignettes

Perennial Growth

Whale of the People

Krish Mohan 1.jpg
Compass Improv.jpg


Open House Theatre

The Countdown

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