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Brooke McCarthy

How to be an Ethical Slut 
A one-woman show by 
Brooke McCarthy

This one-woman show takes the audience on a wild ride as Blake navigates sex, cheating, love, lies, and STDs, oh, and perhaps an orgy or two.


Slut originally debuted in November 2020 in Athens. Don't miss the upcoming performances at STLFringe FESTIVAL!


Dawn Karlovsky & Company Dance

Karlovsky’s movement language is somatically inspired emphasizing the detailed use of touch
and spatial and sensory awareness. Her movement expresses personal intention with
interpersonal connectivity, along with a full-bodied flow that takes advantage of gravity,
momentum, and internalized reactions.


Heather 'Byrd' Roberts, Performance Poet

Heather's poems focus on the intersectionality between form and freedom - being black and a woman. It speaks to descendants of the Maafa, anyone who has ever been labeled other or only in spaces that did not acknowledge their existence.

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