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A Wild and Weird Sky in the Lou

presented by SKY

303 Pop Up @ The .ZACK

8/16/2019 @ 6:00pm

8/17/2019 @ 4:00pm

8/18/2019 @ 7:30pm

Sky will be presenting three nights of some of her most ambitiously weird and honest pieces to date at 2019's St. Lou Fringe Festival, located in the Grand Center Arts District. There will be her scarf, roses, some water spillage, projections, and a chance to hear Sky talk about her work. It will be an intimate, inclusive environment open to questions and lively discussions about the challenges of creating art. Also, don't forget to support all your local artists and check out the impressive line up of local talent at this year's one and only St Lou Fringe Festival!


St Lou Fringe Lottery Series

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