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STLFringe, arts incubator

STLFringe has been incubating art across the disciplines for more than a decade. Our organization creates a nurturing environment for independent artists to develop projects by offering low-cost or subsidized space, services, funding [when applicable], and artistic mentoring. 

Circus Artists

August 15-21, 2022

STLFringe Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival located in St. Louis, Missouri and held annually every August.

Our flagship program has produced over 400+ works in it's history. 


STLFringe Festival's lineups are comprised of works that are pulled from a blind lottery, invited artists, and headline acts.

If you are interested in, "putting your name in the hat" as part of our lottery for your work to be presented at the 2022 STLFringe Festival please click the below and complete the application.


STLFRINGE Presents...
Immersive Art

October 2022

STLFringe Presents... Immersive Art, a new program series featuring artists that are expanding the boundaries of non-linear story telling. 

Immersive art is an artwork or art exhibition created through actions executed by the artist or other participants. It may be witnessed live or through documentation, spontaneously developed or written, and is traditionally presented to a public in a fine art context in an interdisciplinary mode.

If you are an artist making this work and searching for a showing click the link below to apply for consideration.


Performance Art
Couple in Winter Clothes

in partnerships
with t
Performing Arts Department at

St. Charles Community College

STLFringe On Ice: A Holiday Film Festival

December 15, 16, 17 2022 

STLFringe On Ice: A Holiday Film Festival. STLFringe On Ice will provide INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS the opportunity to exhibit Holiday-themed films to the public while competing for award recognition and prizes. 

This festival will also provide our community the opportunity to celebrate the season together by enjoying holiday movies in a festive holiday atmosphere. 

In addition, STLFringe On Ice will provide ASPIRING FILMMAKERS the opportunity to obtain tips and techniques from successful independent filmmakers. 

If you are interested in submitting a film for consideration please click the link below.


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