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For the Lonely, Deenie Nast!

For the Lonely, Deenie Nast

Written & Performed by Audrey Crabtree

Accompaniment by Charlie Brown

Presented in collaboration with Ten Directions and Artica

303 Pop Up @ The .Zack

8/17/2019 @ 7:30pm

For the Lonely, Deenie Nast | Oscar-winner, Emmy-winner, 2-time Tony winner, 6-time Kevin Klein Award Nominee and international performance superstar Deenie Nast delivers a no holds barred, song-filled tribute to her lonely fans. Nast heads to St Louis with a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of relationships, loneliness, and true connections. Nast is back with a vengeance, singing the hits from her past, revealing very personal stories, and re-enforcing her legendary status to modern audiences. Songs, physical comedy, audience interaction and general 'Nast-iness" will ensue!


St Lou Fringe Performance Art Series

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